Decorative Handmade Pottery is not food safe and colors may fade if exposed long periods of direct sunlight. We consider these pieces of art as each piece is unique as a result of our hand-made process of creating these works.
Our inventory changes often, and t is not possible for us to update these pages. The products displayed are previous works that exemplify the types of pieces that may be available.
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My Saggar pieces are fired  inside of a gas kiln to 1650˚.  This firing process requires the piece to be enclosed inside of an additional vessel (called a saggar) prior to being fired inside the kiln.

The striking patterns and colors are the result of different materials that are included inside the saggar vessel.  I typically use sawdust, salt, copper carbonate, copper wire, and steel wool.   These materials interact to create a dynamic  environment that result in markings that appear to dance on the piece.  The colors and marks are surface effects, and the finished piece is coated with acrylic to add a layer of protection against scratches.

Saggar firing is an unpredictable process.  No two pieces are alike.

Thank you for your purchase.

Please note that these are pieces of art. They are not waterproof and are not suitable for contact with food.


Naked Raku pottery gets its name from the unique firing process.  An outer shell of thin clay, called a slip, is applied before the firing.  This slip will crack as its heated exposing the original ‘naked’ clay to the kiln gases.

The firing process requires a great deal of attention, producing unique results that are always unpredictable. Naked Rakus are valued on their unique surface effects.  These effects cannot be duplicated due to variances in the kiln environment inherent to this process.

The finished piece is coated with an acrylic coating to add a layer of protection against scratches.

Raku pieces are porous. Even with the acrylic coating, they will not hold water. Please note that these are pieces of art.  They are also not suitable for contact with food.

All Raku Pottery listed is by Yvonne Wild in Queensbury, NY.