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These Lake Platters are great as a display, for entertaining, or as a gift.  With these being hand-made, it is possible to customize these to highlight your favorite place on the lake or add inscriptions on the back to celebrate a special person(s) or event.  Feel free to contact us for a quote on commissioned work.

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Each piece is individually hand-made and processed in small batches.  As a result, there are variations in the product that may range from color intensity (more color or less color) and in the final size of the piece.  Size variations are primarily due to the elemental composition and water content of the original clay.  As the clay (or mud) dries from its original, very pliable consistency, it naturally contracts due to water evaporation.  Once dry and hardened, additional shrinkage occurs from the chemical properties that change during the two separate firing steps.  Each piece is heated twice.  The second heating (or firing) heats the piece to 2150 degrees.
We do everything we can to minimize these variations, but they are inherent and inevitable with hand-made product.

Each piece is signed by us and is our way of committing to the highest quality standards.  We do this because we strive to have each piece be something you can use every day, as well as a piece that you are proud to display and proud to gift.  Many of our pieces have been inscribed and given as wedding, housewarming, or special event gifts.  Feel free to contact us for a quote on commissioned work.

These pieces are food safe, and have survived many cycles in microwave ovens and dishwashers.  We must caution those that purchase our Functional pieces that heating a piece quickly might result in damage to the piece.  Although they are processed to over 2100 degrees, this process takes upwards of 15 hours to complete.  If heating a piece is desired, we recommend that they be placed into a cold oven prior to increasing the temperature.  This allows the piece to heat slowly which minimizes any chance of damage.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend inserting these pieces into a toaster oven.  From personal experience, the rate of temperature rise is likely to result in damaging a piece.


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